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North Dakota Small Organized Schools

NDSOS Appreciation Plaque

Former NDCDE director Dr. Alan Peterson given NDSOS appreciation plaque.
Posted 06/25/2019

Litchville-Marion at the Capitol

Students from Litchville-Marion at the capitol in Bismarck.
Posted 03/20/2019


North Dakota Small Organized Schools speaks for all North Dakota rural schools. The membership combines to form an effective voice for public education while emphasizing local control.   The most important function of the NDSOS is to serve as a legislative representative for its membership where its strength comes from numbers.


The small/rural public schools of North Dakota serve a vital purpose in the state providing a quality education and have a duty and a right to continue to thrive as determined by the communities that support them.

“Adopted by Board of Directors on May 27, 2003”


The mission of NDSOS is to provide leadership for the small/rural schools in North Dakota and to support legislation favorable to their philosophy while opposing legislation that is harmful.