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NDCDE Online Courses

North Dakota Center for Distance Education NDSOS has been working with North Dakota Center for Distance Education (NDCDE) to address member schools’ curriculum enrichment needs. Discussions focused on providing additional elective, AP, dual credit and credit recovery courses; and provisions for teacher recruitment and teacher vacancies.

NDCDE is able to provide ND schools highly qualified teachers and courses that meet state requirements. Length of courses can mirror a requesting schools’ or can be tailored to the student’s needs. Elective and/or required courses can be provided to one student or entire classes of students.

NDSOS members have access to NDCDE courses and teachers at REDUCED PRICES!

Student Fees

$179 20-week Core, Elective and Credit Recovery Courses
$149 NDSOS Member Price for C, E and CR Courses
$209 AP Courses (Advanced Placement)
$100 CLEM Courses (College Lab for English and Math)
$49 COLT Courses (Course Only, Local Teacher)
$100 NDCDE SmartLab 10 1-hour sessions
$200 NDCDE SmartLab 20 1-hour sessions
Negotiable NDCDE SmartLab custom session
North Dakota SmartLab Installation, Training and Maintenance
A North Dakota version of the award-winning SmartLab is now available for purchase. Please call for a quote. Various class sizes and configurations are available. Financing is available. For additional information click here.

For more information check out ND CDE’s website or contact Interim Director Dr. Matthew Lonn at or 701 228 4830.